Wednesday, 25 February 2009

All aboard....

....The N I G H T | T R A I N....

A cheeky little party this Saturday 28th February at the Shacklewell Arms Dalston, London.

Big up Ronojoy (Real Gold) on getting this amalgamation of Soul Rebels down for this one.

Quite interested to hear what XL boys Jack Penate and Tic Zogson will throw down... both working different sounds and sonics all the time but rooted in the soulful side.

... keep an eye out for Kwes on Tic's new label Salvia. "Hearts in Home" and "Tissues" will be floating around soon.

Monday, 2 February 2009

New SOTU vol.1

As mentioned before on the Brownswood Blog, I can be found shuffling away at Sounds of the Universe aka Soul Jazz on Thursdays and Fridays...

This has excited a few of my DJ friends.... and so rather than putting together bespoke shopping bags, I thought I'd fling up my favourites for perusal.

the newies in no particular....!! order that is!!

Hot Flush Recordings

A couple to look out for on this Dub / Gothic / Techno label are:

Mount Kimbie - Maybes and Sigha - Bruised / Expansions

having already put out Scuba...

Hot Flush have now added Mount Kimbie to their roster, who are the first outfit to deserve the Burial tag and the Sigha sound more on the Martyn / Scuba dubbed out techy side of things.

It looks like there could be summink interesting to develop from the Hot Flush dub cats.

Deep Medi Music

Another mini label profile..... Run by Mala along with Coki and Loefah (i think!?) with a little help from Kris (formerly Soul Jazz).

Truth - Fatman / Stolen Children and the unmistakable Mala - Miracles provide a couple of gems for the sub minded winder such as myself. Only available on 12" at the moment, and in truth...

I don't think the feeling can justifiably be translated digitally. But apparently a compilation of all the Deep Medi 12's soon to see the light of day... hmmmm? NiCE!!

This has quickly become a label profile of new releases... but it seems there's been a backlog of releases since the shape up of the distribution game.

Anywayz? I was gonna put up the Lafayette African Rock Band re-release, and then I realized there are a number of really interesting compilations and releases coming through from these guys.

So first there's the re-release of Darkest Light - The Best of LaFayette African Rock Band which is apparently sampled no less than 28 times by the likes of De La Soul and Jay Z.

And then there's the Disco not Disco compilation, which is a weird one, and a grower.... but it intrigues more and more plays every time.

The 100% killer track is Sharevari by A Number of Names from the Motor City of Detroit.

Check this video taken from "the scene" dance off show from the 80's, where a number of names debut this KiLLER!!

make sure you also check out Calypsoul 70 : Caribbean Soul & Calypsoul Crossover 1969-1979, Disco Italia - Essential Italo Disco Classics and of course Nigeria 70 - Lagos Jump.

The new Mulatu and Heliocentrics collaboration is coming soon from the Inspiration Informations series, which had the not so amazing Sly & Robbie / Amp Fiddler ting... Mulatu & Heliocentrics is a completely different thing altogether... PuRE FiYA!!

Hudson Mohawke - Polyfolk Dance (WARP)

All kinds of fuss has been made not only about this dude from Glasgow, but also the status of this release.

Rumour or fact has it that only 400 copies were pressed on Vinyl, and the same for the CD.... but the CD has been re-pressed after a week, and maybe the vinyl won't be?!

The fuss is kinda justified, it's somewhere between Flying Lotus and erm...? Flying Lotus but then FlyLo is the all encompassing nu breed beat producer.

It's got a few more quirky computer game sounds, chopped vocals, a lot more MPC bashing, whirling synths, and youthful soundbites....
Overnight & Velvet Peel shine through as the standouts.

Dan (YungButWize) would say that FlyLo copied the Hud Mo and then along came the Do Co (Dorian Concept)... either way!! The beats scene seems to be developing nicely, and moving slowly but steadily away from over-energetic-head-nod-back-pack music that it nearly became.

From L.A to Glasgow via Austria.... Gotta love that!!

"whether stiff tongue...."

".... or stiff dick."

Definitely not the family favourite... well? Depends who your Dad is?

Controversial I KNOW!!

But nobody has topped the B.I.G for me. That is rap wise...

Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Nas, whoever else you care to mention.... Not a patch on Christopher Wallace.

Apparently this scene is recreated in the biopic..!!

I've been trying to hold down my excitement... But I've sneaked a peek at a few reviews and snippets. And? The new B.I.G film could be kinda decent.

With the bastardisation of decent rap music having torn the insides out Wu Tang, Biggie, Tupac fans such as myself. I was kinda expecting this to awful..?

Bring on Friday the 13th...