Tuesday, 23 February 2010

JFR 001

Random Tunes broadcast from a Random Location at a Random Time.... by 0800dark

001.... tunes from George Fitzgerald, Ramadanman, Bilal, Trilogy, D-Bridge, Breakage n'ting!!

sacred in Egypt....

.... with wings.
Initially when I think of a "Lotus", i think of the small not so sports car... that was was big in the 80's.

However, reference to a dictionery or anyone with a slight cultural balance reveals that a Lotus is first and foremost a plant. (WiKi link)

Flying Lotus is a high brid producer from L.A. But you knew that bot already....

Holding down his own label Brainfeeder.... Fly Lo has a new album "Cosmograma" coming in May on Warp.
I've been privelidged enough to wrap my ears around it!! and TRUS' ME it's a serious piece of sonic wizardry from electro indie, to beats, jazz, folk and synth led house.

WONDERFUL!! <<< I'm 100% serious!!

You can download some non album tracks from here <<<

J(ust) F(ucking) R(andom)

Random music, broadcast from Random Places at Random times.....

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Monday, 22 February 2010

waiting for "Black Sands"

I'm becoming a big fan of Andreya Triana....

I had the pleasure of playing alongside her at Tate Britain for Charlie Darks "School of Dark", and at Gilles Petersons Worldwide Awards 2010.

..... her initial outing with Flying Lotus (Teaf Leaf Dancers), is becoming something of a classic.

She's been cropping up here and there for the past couple of years... but it seems the cogs are cranking into full gear now, with album "Black Sands" due this Summer on.....
Ninja Tune.

Hold Tight for the single from label mate "Eyes Down", Bonobo, which features Andreya and is out on 8th March, with remixes from masters of the electronics, Appleblim & Floating Points.

Monday, 8 February 2010

iLike :: Milyoo

Really feelin' this guys flex.

Not only does he make a decent beat.

But he's got a decent taste in music.

beautiful bells - interlude//
dorian concept - be tween//
milyoo - push//
untold - yukon (fantastic mr. fox remix)//
paul white - highlife//
exile - love line//
bullion - crazy over you//
milyoo - hold up//
pangaea - because of you//
sully - phonebox//
hyetal - gold or soul//
desto - disappearing reappearing ink//
pangaea - sunset yellow//

Direct from Love Street, Lexington ---> Milyoo

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


I'll be playing some records for the School of Dark as a part of the Chris Ofili Afrodizzia exhibition at  Tate Britain.

February 5th with Andreya Trianna, Speakers Corner Quintet & Charlie Dark (poetry).

starts at 7pm.