Tuesday, 23 February 2010

sacred in Egypt....

.... with wings.
Initially when I think of a "Lotus", i think of the small not so sports car... that was was big in the 80's.

However, reference to a dictionery or anyone with a slight cultural balance reveals that a Lotus is first and foremost a plant. (WiKi link)

Flying Lotus is a high brid producer from L.A. But you knew that bot already....

Holding down his own label Brainfeeder.... Fly Lo has a new album "Cosmograma" coming in May on Warp.
I've been privelidged enough to wrap my ears around it!! and TRUS' ME it's a serious piece of sonic wizardry from electro indie, to beats, jazz, folk and synth led house.

WONDERFUL!! <<< I'm 100% serious!!

You can download some non album tracks from here <<<