Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Happy Chibuku to you...

Big Up Rich and the rest of the Chibuku crew for reaching the grand old age of 9.

Last year they invited me at the 15th hour to play before Roots Manuva & Peanut Butter Wolf... Room One at Fabric....

.... and it was a bonifide roof tearer.

This year it's Premier, Birdy Nam Nam (live), the beatmonkeys and erm...? the bPm

Gonna get Fatima from the Eglo crew to come down and wax some lyrical throughout my set 10 till midnight.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009



** big up Mamiko** on the send thru'...

gonna try and find her mix from Life last week

Got a Brownswood Road Session with Miss 1.1 a soon come!!

Monday, 9 March 2009

"back in the day...

.... when I was a teenager."

I listened to nothing but Hip Hop, which inevitably lead to A Tribe Called Quest, Blackstar, Biggie, Wu Tang, maybe a little Nas... not much 2Pac and a whole lot more!!

ok!! Yeah!! There was some Boy II and Blackstreet and..?

anywayz.... I've realized that today's teenagers are now hearing 90's Hip Hop and smooth grooves flavas for the first time, and it's sounding just as fresh to them as Marvin Gaye sounded to me the first (proper) time round.

Makes me feel old(er)... but then refreshingly enough the truer side of hip hop is shining through...!!

Big up the Work It massiv' (Tina Turnover, Think Twice and Johnny Det) for bringin' it back from the whack...

They'll be bringin' the pain right from the off at The Q-Tip After Show Party on Saturday (14th) at the Black Lotus Karate Club, Scrutton Street, London... with myself, Gilles Peterson, Lefto and OUCH!!! Q-TIp!!

Will def be "Workin It" at the next gathering....!!

While we're on it...!!

make sure you check out the Fly Girls comp on Soul Jazz!!

It does exactly what it says on the tin.

Female Rap from way back....!!

some party popopin' break extra female flips from Bahamadia, Cookie Crew, Cookie Crew, Sequence and even Missy Elliot.

available from Soul Jazz

shame K-Ci and JoJo couldn't stand the test of time...!!!

WATCH TILL THE END..... It gets A LOT worse.

Couldn't resist the urge for a lickle garage selection on this one!!

btw... Did anyone check how pow Tina Turner looked at the 02 over the weekend?

Slammin' at 70