Monday, 29 March 2010

The Boiler Room

every Tuesday (2100 GMT) with myself and Mr Wonderful (Nuts2Soup / Nonsense).

We takeover, 2 turrntables, a mixer, speakers, a few bottles of Rum and some smokables.....

...... at the Platform Magazine Mansions and broadcast it.


more info to come

click here for more info.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Hessle Audio 12 : Ramadanman EP

WiLL get dropped at C.A.M.P on Thursday, Fabric and Plastic People on Friday and TBF014......


a. i beg you
b1. no swing
b2. tumble
c. a couple more years
d1. bleeper
d2. don't change for me

WAAAAAARNING....!!! Ramadanman is here to change the game!!


has joined the ranks at Brownswood....

He's playing Momo's Tuesday 6th April.....


..... Rich Chibuku invited me to play at the London edition of Chibuku's 10th Birthday.

! BiG UP !

Got pure heat to spin....

Goin' in on that Hip Hop dubstep / beats flex....

.... and then it's onto Plastic People to close Gilles' Xmas Party (in March), i'll be spinning at some point after 2am (SeeeeeeeN!!)

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


not to be confused with Strawberry Jam.... (but you knew that bit already!?!)

Anyway, Blaise Belleville invited myself and Mr. Wondeful into the Platform Magazine Offices to play a few records.

We streamed it online, and here's the recording....

Big UP!! Tic, Sampha & Ollie Danger.... more to come!!