Thursday, 27 August 2009

RuMBLE in the JuNGLE....

.... is usually remembered for the epic clash between Mohamed Ali & George Foreman.

However, I'm not really a big boxing fan.

The whole spectacle of two brutes knocking chunks out of each other doesn't really float the boat..

so.... for me!!

It's all about Zaire '74 the "warm up" festival featuring Miriam Makeba, James Brown, Bill Withers, Fania Allstars, BB King and the All Spinners.

YES....! Immense!!

Jeffrey Levy-Hinte directed a documentary on the festival, Soul Power and it's only just been released.

The constant vibes and sounds throughout the film are catching....

.....and after watching the footage of Bill Withers performing "Hope She'll be Happier".

The lump in my throat nearly suffocated me.

Maximum of the Maximums goes out to Ms. Livinit

Monday, 24 August 2009

when in 'dam... what the dutchmen do!!

Well? I don't know if the dutchmen do..... and!! i wouldn't wanna suggest that all Dutch people do is get high!! There are other delights such as Trams, Kindred Spirits, Mamiko, the Canal, Rush Hour Record Store, K Space.... and erm? really hench but strangely attractive women.

HOWEVER.....!!! I have no shame in stating the obvious when it comes to Snoop.

I was checking out TMZ for more news on who killed Michael Jackson, and came across this picture of one of Snoops bodyguards carrying a 5 ft Marijuana plant back to his hotel room!!

** not that i condone drug taking in any way shape or form **

It also reminded me of a show that Snoop did with Westwood a few years back.... I'm sure it was the same night that Jay Z did his first "last" gig at Earls Court... I remember driving back and listening to it.

Anyway.... Snoop was fucking cained off his head!!

Trying to find a recording of the show, but no luck.

** if you've got the hook on that one. **

on a completely random tip......

** thank yooooou Peggatron **

oh yeah!! I'm loving the football right now... Tottenham need to chill out tho'!!


sign me up now....

Gonna find myself a wingsuit and a cliff to jump off.

This looks amazing!!!

from Ali on Vimeo.

click here for advice on getting into Wingsuit Base Jumping...


Tuesday, 18 August 2009

jungle jump....

... don't ask me where i landed...???

the bPm // Radio Grenouille // July 2009 by thebpm

1. Isaac Hayes - Pursuit of the Pimpmobile
2. 24 Carat Black - Gone The Promises of Yesterday
3. Wajeed - Jeedo Suave
4. PEACE!! - Ubalwa ne Chamba
5. Nacho Patrol - Africaspaceprogram
6. Steel 'an Skin - Afro Punk Reggae
7. Les Volcans de Las Capitales - Oya Ka Jo jo
8. Simpa - Roots of Black Music in America
9. Grupo Los Yoyi - El Fino

download here

big up, Jo Tze and Stephanne at Radio Grenouille

thanking Sophie 'dem for the photo

The LegoFaced Killah

Wu-Tang Lego: Da Mystery of Chessboxin' from davo.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

carnival done...

Well... It has been for a while...!!!

It finished last Tuesday night with last lap...

Low and behold, I found myself following the Burning Flames soundsystem (Lions Den residents...) AGaIN!!

but before that... there was Judging of the Troops on Monday night....

.... which we turned up late for.... due to the excessive action witnessed on J'Ouvert morning ....

But it was a parade kids in bright colours, feathers and face paint.... followed by hoards of girls dressed in fishnets, bikinis, feathers.... and erm? y'know!!

I'm not really sure i was physically ready for it...!!!

Tuesday was the hottest day i've ever experienced anywhere in the world at any time...!!!

It was also Parading of the Troops.... where everyone and everything involved in the carnival went through the streets... the calypso King & Queen, the Steel Bands, the Rastas, Caribbean Queen, the sponsors, cheerleaders... EVERYONE!!! It took about 8 hours.....!! Was very colourul and HoT!!!

The connotations are darker than you could ever imagine...!!!*

But if your wondering why all these people are packing the streets, going WiLD, loosing there minds and expressing themselves in ways alien to anything in the "Western World"....

Well, in the West Indies... Carnival is celebration of Freedom and marks Emancipation (the end of slavery).

*The above photo, has nothing to do with this.... they were giving away condoms and warning about the dangers of Sexually Transmitted Diseases...!!! (she was possibly the only white girl on the parade.....?!)

Not really 100% sure what he was doing? Walking his Goat?!

Yeah...!! This killed the vibe for a little while.

He wasn't part of carnival... Respect for the outfit tho'

Don't be bad mind!!!

I dunno? Does glitter make the arse itch?!

and then... after watching other people dance for 8 hours.... the soundsytems returned for Last Lap!! Which was on a similar vibe to J'Ouvert morning!!! But even more footloose!!!

more Carnival unrelated notes soon come... and a video!!

Friday, 7 August 2009

fuckin' bitch....!!

These Antiguan dogs are WiLD!!

First my sisters sandals, then my router.... then my little cousins doll!!!

..... AND NOW!!! My favourite hoodie!!!

I ate well last night tho'...

MaN vs. BeAST....!!!

the battle continues.....

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Monday Morning in Antigua...

So.... this is how it went down on Monday morning.....!!

0500 --> 1000

KFC was rammed!!! .....for 3 days!!!

Just in case you forgot where I am....!!

Those aren't trees.... They're people!!

I managed to loose the fuckin' HUGE speaker stack.....!!!

"was here a minute ago....."

Where's Calyso Alley? Hip Hop Lane? Jump up Central?

Strangely appealing.... well? not really!! It was nuff hot....!!

that's my Dad..... (in the background.)

FYI, The paint doesn't wash off....!!!

Next up... pics from, Parading of the Troops where scantilly clad women and a few men jumped around in feathers....

when one of these things ran over my foot....!!!