Thursday, 27 August 2009

RuMBLE in the JuNGLE....

.... is usually remembered for the epic clash between Mohamed Ali & George Foreman.

However, I'm not really a big boxing fan.

The whole spectacle of two brutes knocking chunks out of each other doesn't really float the boat..

so.... for me!!

It's all about Zaire '74 the "warm up" festival featuring Miriam Makeba, James Brown, Bill Withers, Fania Allstars, BB King and the All Spinners.

YES....! Immense!!

Jeffrey Levy-Hinte directed a documentary on the festival, Soul Power and it's only just been released.

The constant vibes and sounds throughout the film are catching....

.....and after watching the footage of Bill Withers performing "Hope She'll be Happier".

The lump in my throat nearly suffocated me.

Maximum of the Maximums goes out to Ms. Livinit