Monday, 24 August 2009

when in 'dam... what the dutchmen do!!

Well? I don't know if the dutchmen do..... and!! i wouldn't wanna suggest that all Dutch people do is get high!! There are other delights such as Trams, Kindred Spirits, Mamiko, the Canal, Rush Hour Record Store, K Space.... and erm? really hench but strangely attractive women.

HOWEVER.....!!! I have no shame in stating the obvious when it comes to Snoop.

I was checking out TMZ for more news on who killed Michael Jackson, and came across this picture of one of Snoops bodyguards carrying a 5 ft Marijuana plant back to his hotel room!!

** not that i condone drug taking in any way shape or form **

It also reminded me of a show that Snoop did with Westwood a few years back.... I'm sure it was the same night that Jay Z did his first "last" gig at Earls Court... I remember driving back and listening to it.

Anyway.... Snoop was fucking cained off his head!!

Trying to find a recording of the show, but no luck.

** if you've got the hook on that one. **

on a completely random tip......

** thank yooooou Peggatron **

oh yeah!! I'm loving the football right now... Tottenham need to chill out tho'!!