Sunday, 9 August 2009

carnival done...

Well... It has been for a while...!!!

It finished last Tuesday night with last lap...

Low and behold, I found myself following the Burning Flames soundsystem (Lions Den residents...) AGaIN!!

but before that... there was Judging of the Troops on Monday night....

.... which we turned up late for.... due to the excessive action witnessed on J'Ouvert morning ....

But it was a parade kids in bright colours, feathers and face paint.... followed by hoards of girls dressed in fishnets, bikinis, feathers.... and erm? y'know!!

I'm not really sure i was physically ready for it...!!!

Tuesday was the hottest day i've ever experienced anywhere in the world at any time...!!!

It was also Parading of the Troops.... where everyone and everything involved in the carnival went through the streets... the calypso King & Queen, the Steel Bands, the Rastas, Caribbean Queen, the sponsors, cheerleaders... EVERYONE!!! It took about 8 hours.....!! Was very colourul and HoT!!!

The connotations are darker than you could ever imagine...!!!*

But if your wondering why all these people are packing the streets, going WiLD, loosing there minds and expressing themselves in ways alien to anything in the "Western World"....

Well, in the West Indies... Carnival is celebration of Freedom and marks Emancipation (the end of slavery).

*The above photo, has nothing to do with this.... they were giving away condoms and warning about the dangers of Sexually Transmitted Diseases...!!! (she was possibly the only white girl on the parade.....?!)

Not really 100% sure what he was doing? Walking his Goat?!

Yeah...!! This killed the vibe for a little while.

He wasn't part of carnival... Respect for the outfit tho'

Don't be bad mind!!!

I dunno? Does glitter make the arse itch?!

and then... after watching other people dance for 8 hours.... the soundsytems returned for Last Lap!! Which was on a similar vibe to J'Ouvert morning!!! But even more footloose!!!

more Carnival unrelated notes soon come... and a video!!