Thursday, 6 November 2008


Yesterday America took a proud step...

In accepting a Black man as President, America realized the idea that the the window of opportunity is open to ALL men and women.

and I've got to say thank you for that.

As the election drew closer, and it became clear that another Republican term at the White House with Senator McCain and Palin at the helm would have disastrous effects on the world.

The election became less for me about the colour of Barack Obamas' skin... but a transformation of power from the elite to the masses.

The record high turnout, and the resulting landslide victory signified for me, that the opinion of the masses does count.... the reality that has become of fighting wars, committing local and international crimes in the name of a non-consenting society has been repelled.

Jay Electronica - Exhibit A (Transformation)
taken from Fresh Cuts Vol. 3 (Music By Guitar Center Employees)

**shout to FWMG**

Moodymann steps into WWU at Ba Rumba this Monday.. we'll see what he's got to say?