Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Chocolate Dubstep.....

..... makes it sound all the sweeter.

Steppas' Delight, which had that Bug track with Flo Dan on it, and the Skepta "African Hooter" business, is about to get a volume two ---> Steppas' Delight Two is almost ready to drop.

"Dubstep: Present to Future" is the tag line..... and it does exactly what it says on the tin.

For those who doubt Dubsteps development capabilities.... EAT CAKE!!!

There's some serious heat on here from amongst others..... LD, King Midas Sound, Benga, Joker & Ginz, Darkstar, Crazy Cousinz and a bunch of other dubstep shapers.

These are 2 of the exclusive tracks on the comp.....

LD - Primal Instinct (forthcoming on Steppas' Delight Two) by Soul Jazz Records

Untold - You Didn't Win the Holiday (forthcoming on Steppas' Delight Two) by Soul Jazz Records