Friday, 10 October 2008

dancing on Mondays...

It's been a little while... in fact quite a while.

It's not been down to laziness.. I promise!!

It's been down to a pure LACK of sleep.

Since the last time, i think i've Dj'd in Poland, Cardiff, London and Brussels. Possibly a couple of other places.

Can't remember..?! Blogs and big up's comin'.

However..!!! The main reason why i haven't been bloggin' of late is because I've been trying to figure out how to convince people to dance on Mondays.

And?! I think I've come up with the answer...?!

Most of the guests will be in the friends and family column on the right ---->

Worldwide Underground.... starting Monday 13th October at the new Bar Rumba and every Monday until the world implodes.. and then maybe we'll still keep grooving.