Thursday, 30 October 2008

the revolution will be visualized....

I've always had a problem identifying with the Black Panthers. In no way can I condone or be comfortable associating myself or beliefs with a group that fights their struggle with violence.

In fact i purposefully shy away from Malcolm X quotes and reading about the Black Panthers.

However I was given this book - Black Panther : The Revolutionary Art of Emory Douglas

....and my opposition to the Blank Panther movement softened.

NO I'm not condoning the violence... but I do understand their mission a bit more.

It's hard to imagine the appalling inequality that existed no more than 50 years ago, when slavery was outlawed, segregation was the law in some states and 'Negroes' were still being hung or even burnt for their skin colour.

Douglas' imagery is distinctive, eye catching, militant and carries a message that defined a movement that has enabled us to live in a world where we are potentially a week away from Barack Obama becoming President of the United States.

His work is a poignant reminder of how far the social integrity of the world has moved.

A history lesson...

.... that still carries a message for today.

Black Panther: Emory Douglas and the Art of Revolution is now showing at Manchester's Urbis Centre until March '09...