Wednesday, 3 September 2008

It was nice knowing you.... The End Club

It took ages trying to come up with some kinda whack cliche or some clever arse title for this post.

But well it ended up being quite self explanatory....

Respect goes out to Mr C and The End crew... so long!!

Quite hard to write an obituary on summink you weren't a big fan of in the first place.

The End was quite a non-entity for me. Haven't had a good time in there once, and for me it's a pale comparison to Fabric (but respect the fact that they were there first.)

I don't know what my problem is with The End. Maybe the penny hasn't dropped at the right time for me in there.... or maybe i have gruesome memories of waiting in the que* for 3 hours.

I think The End made me realize that I need to be in the guest list que*.

.... and there's always a few too many people who are a little too mash up!!

BUT....!! That said i haven't been there more than 10 times and it gave me my first opportunity to play at a super club.... which was fun!!

I've also gotta respect the fact that they had some wicked line ups and that they have definitely fueled the clubbing scene in London if not the world.

The choice in London is becoming quite limited....

If you haven't checked out The Ends recently renovated website then go check it.

Loads of mixes on there from EVERYONE. No suprise in the fact that I've been listening to loads of the Laurent Garnier mixes recently.... but there's also interviews with amongst a load of others Roots Manuva.

and...!! Free mp3's on their The End Reccomends bit. Where Jose James was featured in the first volume.

So...? Are they gonna keep this shitz goin' now that they've got a very nice looking cheque from the developers in their sky rocket.

Coz that a good look...

.... like Robinho at Man City

.... unlike no new midfielders at Arsenal

* Brain freeze... help me out!!