Tuesday, 23 September 2008

"you don't have to sing!! Just move your mouth n'shit..."

As cold starts to sharpen...!! I'm really starting to feel the idea of watching video's on my laptop.

This one's good for a Sunday afternoon with the the hangover or if your stuck in bed with a cold...!!!

Apparently "video killed the radio star...!!"

This is a cutting insight into why and how the music industry has alienated itself from the art and transformed into the commerce.

Here's the trailer, so you can check it before you get fully involved.

featuring Erykah Badu, ?uestlove and Eric Clapton,

Let's hope the music doesn't die... In fact it's not. It's just rearing it's head in a different way innt...!!


Shout to Lefto for the heads up on this one...