Tuesday, 2 September 2008

secret weapons...

It's never really advisable to reveal your secret weapons, but I haven't revealed this one in any manner, shape or form... unless absolutely necessary!!!

So i suppose this qualifies as me revealing my hand now...?!

Am I making any sense...? Didn't think so.

Been checkin' Beat Electric quite bit recently. Spent a very happy couple of hours downloading their recommendations.

"Risque Rythum Team - The Jacking Zone"

It's quite self explanatory reeally...? Into doogie, disco and electric funk? Then put aside a couple of hours and sift through their archives.

Maybe i'll spin a few on Friday for this BBE party that I know nothing about... But apparently ?uestlove, Gilles Peterson (he told me about it...!!), Madlib and Kon & Amir will be spinnin' as well.

Will let you know more.... when i do?

Feelin' these

Maybe i'll adopt these as a secret weapon, and hold 'em out for those occasions when the footwear counts.

Think it's about time Arsene Wenger revealed his secret weapons?